Let's Get Physical: A Word About Those Underwear Ads

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We hear you. As excited as we are to have ads on the site, we are also aware that the American Apparel ads winking at you from the corners of your screen are maybe somewhat distracting, and the sort of thing that may not be safe for your less nipple-positive workplaces. We understand this, and are sorry if it's made you uncomfortable.

But from the co-ed and nearly naked to the kilt- or khaki-clad, if there's one thing all sports have in common, it's bodies. You've seen them before in real life—if you're in my hemisphere, you're currently seeing more of their parts thanks to some recent nice weather. You'll also have seen them on this site, being that we're all here to talk about sports and the bodies that play them, and occasionally the bodies that snack on the couch while watching the bodies that play them. Now, their forms are flanking our content, thanks to our sponsor, American Apparel. This is a good thing!

So cue up Sébastian Tellier's "Sexual Sportswear," soundtrack of spandex appreciators everywhere, and don't fear your boss's side-glance. We will keep it body-positive, but we will also keep it perfectly safe for work around here, if probably also NFSC (Not Safe For Church). Promise.

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The ads feature just enough creepy dudes to avoid charges of misogyny, plus I can respect AA's mission & goals (mix of principles and profits, sorta like Tom's). Just keep up the sports writing!

Kobe is in there