Let's Call It A Rainout

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It is tempting to start with a joke, or a "some weather we're having" or something.

But it is also difficult to be funny with the sound of 50-odd mile per hour winds blowing up against the window and loose debris kicking around on the breeze several stories up. This is the scene outside my apartment, at present, and while it is jaw-dropping in the ways you'd expect, it is neither unique nor especially amusing.

We in New York City are getting worked; our own Tom Scharpling is in New Jersey, and honestly you should probably spare a prayer or thought for the guy, since he will likely have it worse than any of us New Yorkers. Even Tim Marchman, who is in Chicago, finds himself in a flood zone given the degree to which Sandy is swelling Lake Michigan. It's bad. You already know this.

It is also likely to knock our power out, at least for a while. So we're going to pre-emptively call Tuesday a rainout, and hopefully get back to our regularly scheduled programming on Wednesday. It should always be inferred, at the bottom of every Classical post, that we're saying, "Thanks for your support, and take care, and we'll see you soon, we hope." We'll just go ahead and take that out of the subtext, for now: thanks for your support, and take care, and we'll see you soon, we hope.

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