Just Breathe: The One YouTube Video To Watch When It's Time To Get Psyched

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Doing things is difficult, and seems especially so when contrasted with the idea of not doing things. In the case of the former, there is preparation and exertion and execution and fine-tuning and anxiety; with the latter, there is only the execution, which is not really so much execution as it is watching Storage Wars and eating pretzel stix. Not-doing can exist without its opposite, but only during college or in films by or influenced by Judd Apatow. But doing things can't exist without at least some brief period of not-doing, as I and everyone else at The Classical and everywhere else knows. Or hopefully knows. Or knows and willfully forgets because circumstances demand it, which really sounds the most like it. Or, at any rate, ought to know and remember and practice. It's a bad idea, all that willful forgetting: it's how you get burned out or sick or find yourself on Twitter, late and awash in generously poured utility scotch, expressing disappointments with this or that life-circumstance. That action is itself admittedly closer to not-doing than doing, but at the same time maybe just go to sleep, you know?

Because it is important to not-do things, too. Last weekend, I went away with some friends to the lower Hudson Valley in New York, where they and I cooked food and drank beers and made fires (in the designated fire-pit/place areas) and looked at art, and where I made a point of not using my computer. This was valuable, and even if I was sick for most of it and tired for all of it, it was also very good. The challenge, upon getting back last night, was to get ready for the week ahead. There would be work, as there always is. There would be not enough not-work, as there also always is. This is probably your life, too.

And so, from my life experience to yours, I offer a pro-tip on how to motivate like the serial adjective-abusers do. It's simple: just find the most disturbing possible YouTube video of coke-motivated 1980s wrestlers available, pull on the headphones, and let the inspiration that needs no words and also makes you feel kind of frightened and sad take you away. That, and try to be a lot less motivated than the wrestlers are, and remember that drugs are bad for you, and remember that no matter how frustrating the process of making a living can be, most jobs do not require standing near The Ultimate Warrior, which means they could be worse.

Small blessings and all that. Thanks to Patrick Resing for the video.

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Man, i'm an expert at doing nothing but i did not know this video!
It's kinda creepy :D
Such a travel back in time!

Pedro from mago magia

As a surfer on the edge of doing-vs.-not-doing myself--I've taken my ball & gone home more than once, you see--this resonated a little uncomfortably with me. But I do understand that there's a time for everything: just as much for late-night HEAVY TUNES & brown liquor & spleen as for maybe just going to bed. And very much a time for saying "damn the torpedoes, ain't nothing gonna break my stride".

Back in the cube farm after an excellent mescal-flooded vacation followed by two relatively bad travel days, this little video is just what I needed to hear. (And I say that as a veteran of the Ultimate Warrior youtube rabbit hole.) Now if you'll pardon me, I'm gonna go inhale...some coffee.

This website kicks ass. Thank you for creating it, editing it, and keeping it going.

I hate reading about your blues because I have those, too. But I'll tell you: this website makes my job so much easier to deal with. I can't be without sports. Sports would be nothing without the thinking and the talking about them. This space brings the best thoughts and words.

Hang in there and keep up the good work.