In Which a Professional Soccer Player Cuts Off His Rat Tail and Gives it to a Museum

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This man is Rodrigo Palacio, a former striker for Genoa FC, the oldest soccer club in Italy. And yes, as the headline suggests, that is Rodrigo Palacio letting some unknown, suit-jacketed person cut off his rat tail so it can be kept as an artifact in the Genoa FC museum.

Palacio, who was previously a straight-up 30-year-old man with a rat tail and is now just a 30-year-old man, just signed with Inter Milan, a much bigger club that will almost certainly pay him much better than did Genoa. This is the way soccer and the market work, and players leaving clubs to play elsewhere is something that happens every day now that we're in the silly offseason of the silly world of European soccer. However, it is not every day that a man, who scored a not-necessarily-remarkable 40 goals in over 100 appearances for a club, cuts off his rat tail and gives it to a museum.

But that is what is happening here, and if we have one duty here at The Classical, it is to alert our readers to whenever a grown man allows his quite possibly-Star-Wars-inspired hairstyle to, literally, be donated to history. The day we stop reporting on happenings of this sort will be the day the music died, the day the hamster stopped running, the day the machines became self-aware, and so on. Where and how the Genoa FC museum will display the rat tail is a story for another day. But we'll cover that, too. Maybe a smaller pic next time, though.

Thanks to "Rotundblau" (which, apparently, is a German-language fan tumblr for Genoa FC) for the photo.

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He is my favorite player not named Cisse that, like Cisse, runs really fast but finishes super poorly.