If You Only See One Play About Sad Cleveland Sports This Week...

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By the time something gets its own tag at The Classical, it's safe to say that we've given it some coverage. The hybrid comic-play "Our Greatest Year" has just such a tag and has indeed been the subject of some coverage here, both because its co-authors, Robert Attenweiler and Scott Henkle, are talented people and regular contributors to our site and because the idea of a play about the emotional complexity and exquisite dread of being a Cleveland sports, and the aforementioned complexity/dread combination's effect on day-to-day life, is exactly the sort of thing The Classical is all about. This is why we asked Robert and Scott to keep a diary of their play's belated Cleveland debut for us back in March; why they did it is something you'd have to ask them.

Luckily, at least for those readers in the New York area, you'll have a chance to do that, as "Our Greatest Year" will have a one-night New York City revival this Thursday, October 11, at the Kraine Theater in the East Village. (You can get tickets here.) I'll be there, and not only because I'm eager to cross "hear an actor say the name 'Larry Hughes' on stage" off my bucket list. The video below, which was written and drawn by Henkle and animated by Jay Tekus and which is a new addition to the show, should give some indication as to why this seems like a show worth watching. Their words for this site over our first almost-year of existence make a pretty good argument, too. Either way, I'm convinced.

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