How Things Happen: The Week That Was

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I don't have much to add here that I didn't already say in my CJR Launch Pad post; we're getting to be a proper outfit, our highs and lows already starting to smooth (and even) out. Strangely enough, we're doing this with two of our editors otherwise detained, but such is the nature of routine. Rinse, post that dope shit, accidentally crashed the website, repeat. As usual, thanks to everyone commenting, pitching, and spreading the word. This site is as much yours as ours. We want you to consume us like a flesh-eating virus belonging to a vampire. In that spirit, some highlights:

Those almost chosen at random. Actually, that makes me look all lazy. What I really mean is that I love all these pieces so much, it's almost impossible to choose. It's like asking a man to decide which kid he likes best. I enjoy reading what we publish here, and I hope you do, too. When I had to step away from my post for the first half of the week, reading from afar didn't feel all that different. No matter how hectic things can stll get at times, there's always that moment where I step back and think "damn, someone wrote that for us?" 

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