Great Moments in Press Releases

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We present to you, without comment, our favorite press release ever:

LOS ANGELES- OCT 9, 2012-  American photographer Peter Konerko is offering this very limited edition, autographed and MLB authenticated, portrait of his brother, legendary Chicago White Sox first baseman, Paul Konerko.

Only 145 total prints were created, and 25 of these prints have been made available during the month of October through Pro League Authentics.

Paul Konerko

Peter explains this rare opportunity:

"I have the very unique distinction of being brothers with Paul Konerko. A distinction that has come full circle with my career as portrait photographer and him as a world class athlete.

A very private person, Paul has never been specifically photographed for a portrait of this nature. This rare, one of a kind moment (that will never be repeated or replicated,) was captured during off-season workouts in his private batting cage located at his home in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I was honored to have the privilege of photographing him in the very place where Paul fine tunes and shapes his craft away from the public eye; at work when no one is looking. 

The portrait expresses a quiet focus combined with epic strength. His exhaustion is evident in his bowed head and his giant hands communicate decades of Home Runs that come from a quickness developed by countless swings of the bat. I truly believe this captured moment, in a split second, is a document into what makes him one of the greatest players in Chicago White Sox history.  I was honored to have made this portrait with him."

Printed on the highest quality 17x22" Moab Entrada Rag paper, the non-glossy matte surface and the overwhelming size of the print only helps communicate the raw nature of the moment.

Each print includes an MLB letter of authentication.

Each print is autographed by Paul Konerko and includes singular defining MLB authentication, making each authentication unique to each print.

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