Get Buckets: The Classical Magazine All-Basketball Issue Is Here

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We don't necessarily plan things out here as well as we might; the whole existence of The Classical is grounded in this. But at the risk of vanity or jinx, I can say that I think we're figuring out how to do The Classical Magazine. Pete edited the first issue, I edited this one, and Eric Nusbaum is editing the next, which will be an all-baseball affair. After that is after that, and never something we've concerned ourselves with. But we're getting it, we can prove it: issue two of The Classical Magazine, the cover of which is above, is now available for download. You can do this by going here and downloading the app, and then copping either a yearly subscription, or just buying this individual issue. Or, if you'd rather get the issue in some other format -- PDF, MS-DOS, this GIF, or Kindle/.MOBI file -- you can email Pete, who is handling those requests in Classical-approved analog, merch-table stylee, and can get you what you need.

And as to why you should do this: because this issue is great. It features expanded, updated and otherwise rejuvenated selections from our Why We Watch series, a sprawling exploration by Steve McPherson of the parallel dynasties of the Boston Celtics and Blue Note Records (with some dazzling and appropriately Blue Note-ian art by J.O. Applegate, who also did the cover you see above), Patrick J. Sauer on Moses Malone and the Fo' Fo' Fo' 1983 NBA Champion Philadelphia 76ers, and some words from me on Drazen Petrovic and Corgis and the New Jersey Nets and other things near and dear. There's a lot of original art, there are very good words, and I think you'll probably like it if you like The Classical or basketball or art or words. So: thanks again for helping us get this far, thanks to 29th Street Publishing for making it look dope and function as it ought, and to Pete for continuing to manage this endeavor like a true champion. Now go get you some issue. You've earned it.

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