Gates, Buffett, Teenager Play World's Wealthiest Game of Table Tennis

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A couple months ago, we brought you an interview with the man behind the world's largest collection of photos of celebrities playing table tennis. Today, we bring you two of the world's richest celebrities playing table tennis with a teenage girl who is much better than them (or you, or me):

As you can see from the video, Warren Buffett has an impressive forehand. He is also something of a showman. (Few athletes have employed suspenders and giant ping pong paddles to better effect.) Gates, on the other hand, appears content to merely share the table with Ariel Hsing. Hsing won a U.S. National Championship a couple years ago at 16, and also writes a kind-of-charming-kind-of-exactly-what-you'd-expect column for ESPNW about being a highly competitive athlete and a high school student. 

The event was part of Berkshire Hathaway's shareholders conference weekend party extraveganza, according to the Omaha Word-Herald, who's good folks are also responsible for the video above. This was the second time Hsing and Buffett have faced off across the table tennis table and the third time Hsing has come to the company event. It was also further proof that Berkshire Hathaway is an exceptionally strange corporate entity.

Anyway, when absurdly rich celebrities are using  giant ping pong paddles, you can be assured that The Classical will always be metaphorically there to cover it.

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