Footballz Podcast, Week 6: Ram It

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Monday comes, as it does, and with it the opportunity to contemplate the things that matter most, and also the St. Louis Rams. They are neither hopeless nor especially rich in hope; they have made a very frequently injured quarterback very rich, and his injuries have made a starter out of someone named Austin Davis; they have been suspended and stuck in the most mediocre of waiting rooms for what feels like and may in fact be years. Where, we might well wonder, have the poorly choreographed wince-rappers of yore gone? Or, failing that, Marc Bulger?

And yet the Rams are the team that plays the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football, which is a thing that the NFL expects us to watch.

And, despite everything above about the Rams -- and everything else about them -- the NFL is probably right to expect this. Put the team in their stylish Greatest Show On Turf throwbacks, put them on television against anything else, and it works. It is a mystery, and it isn't. It just keeps on working, even though it doesn't necessarily work all that well.

This conundrum is why we need the Footballz Podcast, which is lucky for us, because here they are again. Faced with the prospect of watching another Gruden-scored game for reasons we only sort of understand, we can now, um, continue to watch it, but listen to TD and Mac describe it and ignore it and play music and generally elevate things in the way they do. Joining them tonight are Slate editor/writer/podcast-man Josh Levin, at halftime; Jason Gallagher, of Grantland and Rolling Stone and elsewhere, will join our heroes for the fourth quarter.

As always, you can (and should!) listen here, or at Together, we can figure this thing out. Or at least not-figure-it-out with a little less ESPN in the monitors.

Footballz is on Mixlr

Chatting, while not mandatory, is definitely not a bad idea, and can be done here:

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