Edmonton Eulers

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Remember when you guys helped us raise $55k American money on Kickstarter? Us too! The chip clips and other physical rewards are coming, and the e-book/commissioned essays/other metaphysical swagbaggage is not far behind. The chip clips have been already been manufactured. Right now they're in our office rock tumbler for a couple days, getting pre-weathered. Remember to clean and oil your chip clip every 100 bags of chips.

That's a longwinded way of saying we go way back with Kickstarter at The Classical, and we keep an eye on the site for the occasional awesome sports-related fundraising campaign. In addition to our crowdfunding bona fides, we also have a Google alert set up for 18th-century Swiss mathemagician Leonhard Euler (pronounced like oiler, hence this whole gag). So basically all of our elective preferences were tickled by the Euler/Oiler shirt campaign by DC graphic designer/hockey fan Luke Atkinson. Do your torso a favor and cop one. Show some respect for rocksolid 1970s sports logo design, and for the dude that wrote three of the five "Most Beautiful Mathematical Formulae Ever," according to readers of Mathematical Intelligencer.

Stick-tap to friend-of-Classical @bendadams for the link.

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