The Clog

It's in the rules: tonight's game between the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Schiano-Hostages must be played. It's not in the rules that you must listen to Footballz talk about it during the game, but you still should.


From the moment his dead mascot eyes met ours, people who care have written off new New Orleans Pelicans mascot Pierre as a terrifying nightmare bird. Which he is, honestly. But which maybe isn't as bad as it sounds.


With the Kickstarter for their book about the history of professional wrestling video games heating up, we took some time to talk to one of the authors of Wrestling with Pixels, Audun Sorlie. He told us about collaborators (Maffew of Botchamania and Junkboy, graphic designer of Minecraft), his favorite games, and how to unlock the secret "Argument in the Turner Boardroom" stage in WCW Mayhem


NHL teams, like NHL fans, want to remember the good times. But in hockey, as elsewhere, too much nostalgia can be toxic.


In which our heroes play music, make jokes, talk about football and -- in the sort of stroke of good luck that comes along only a few times per season -- will have an actual interesting NFL game to watch on a Monday night.


Holly Wendt wrote about Semyon Varlamov in the most recent issue of The Classical Magazine. Shortly after the issue came out, Varlamov was charged with some very ugly crimes. Stories seldom stay still long enough for us to know how to feel about them, let alone tell them right. Reprinted from Holly's blog.


Amar'e Stoudemire won't be celebrating Halloween, apparently. This is a bummer, and a silly thing to take such a strident stance over, but... more candy for the rest of us?


The goal for issue #6 of The Classical was short, fast, loud pieces. We aimed for 500 words, but we didn't actually hold anyone to that rule. 26 poems, memoirs, histories, fantasies, fictions, non-fictions, prayers, confessions roughly related to sports are the result.


The Seattle Seahawks. The Zombie St. Louis Rams. The Footballz Podcast instead of ESPN's Monday Night crew talking about the game those two teams have. Finally, a healthy, filling Gruden Alternative for the rest of us!


In an inspirational return, our spam poetry series tackles the big questions, including the lifestyle of an SEO Panda.