Classical Collectible Corner: Spoonerized Baseball Cards Series 2

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There is something about baseball that creates the urge to accumulate. It is not enough just to watch or play or consume the game -- we want to keep it, to have totems and talismans of it, if at all possible with little holographic authenticity-stickers on the back and little swatches made of uniform pants on the front.

Also, though, the games are really slow and the season is spectacularly long, which gives us plenty of time to come up with things like spoonerized player names. The intersection of these impulses is, for lack of a better term, hugely collectible. Friend of the program and card-carrying genius Sorry Your Heinous made a series of these unique sporps collectibles last year, and we proudly present The Classical Caseball Bards Series Two. - DR

1. Ace of Convenience

2. Legend Status

3. I Don't Know, Seems Kind Of Drunk

4. Clutch Is Not A Myth

5. Huck What You Cheard


6. Of The Species

7. Lawrence, Please

8. Ding Kong

9. Poor By Choice #tcot

10. Strikeouts Are Sanitary, Though

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