Classical Bracket Buddies 2015: The Quest For Respectability

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Want to feel old? The Classical Bracket Buddies is 30 years old this March. Amazing to think that so many of us were just children, and the more energetic among us either zygotes or extreme pre-zygotes, but all of us so innocent, so charmingly unconvinced that Pervis Ellison and Denny Crum had what it takes to win a National Championship. We've certainly learned a lot since then. As we have every year since, let's take a moment to congratulate Pervis and them. Great job, you guys. You earned it.

In actuality, this Classical Bracket Thing is now four years old, which is also enough to make me, at least, feel pretty old. I know that Mark Alarie wasn't a contributing factor to the first (awful, they've all been awful) bracket that I picked here, but was Hasheem Thabeet? Jonny Flynn? Eric Maynor? This is a thing that college basketball does to the minds of those who care about it—the players whirl through on their way to wherever they'll end up, and we're left leaning, Wooderson-ianly, on some extremely flimsy certitudes. We get older, if no more expert at any of this, and the players stay the same age. 

All of which is to say: let's run it back. As always, the prizes will be TBD and probably pretty crappy. It is saddening to me that no one has yet redeemed our annual prize of A Photo Of Me In My Corliss Williamson Jersey, but this year is another chance to get that right. We probably have some leftover t-shirts somewhere, if possibly only in sizes Diaw and Extra-Mark Cuban. Last year's winner, Chris Romine, received an exquisite piece of custom artwork from Patrick Redford a mere 320 days after he won.

This is the sort of efficiency we're known for, and it is the sort of efficiency we will deliver, as we have for the last three decades several years. So: click here, and know that the password is "theclassical," without those quotes or that comma, which are there strictly to keep this sentence as grammatically passable as possible. In time, I will disgrace myself, again, by predicting things that will not happen. It is a ritual as old as March itself. For the time being, let's all at least do our best to punctuate properly. Let's get that right, if nothing else. And let's do this, again.

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