Best of British: Talking to David Rappoccio About His British NFL Logos

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David Rappoccio is a busy dude, if thankfully not too busy to contribute images and the occasional words to The Classical. This is a good thing, as he has bills to pay just like the rest of us, but it's also unfortunate, because a bored David Rappoccio is a great and strangely productive thing.

Last year, at the lowest and loudest point of the free agency speculation surrounding Peyton Manning, Rappoccio found himself with some time on his hands and managed to add Manning's distinctive semi-constipated grimace to every NFL logo. Earlier this week, Rappoccio took on another project, if one that's even more difficult to explain. This time, he endeavored to add a British accent, which is to say mostly monocles and fancy-guy hats, to every NFL logo

This was obviously sort of a strange thing to do, if also pretty wonderful in its execution. While it's always risky to look too deeply into an artist's process, I asked Rappoccio what he was up to with this project, and he answered.

Um, why did you do this? The Peyton Manning Logos at least corresponded to his free agency. Is this an act of protest against that weird Wembley Stadium game every year? A legit suggestion that the Jaguars maybe consider moving someplace more into football?

Several weeks ago when the Jags unveiled their new logo I made it the British version you see today, because the Jags are going to London what feels like every year now. I thought my own work was funny (a rarity, as I am normally the pinnacle of seriousness) and I realized it was the one-year anniversary of PeytonFace, so I decided to waste my life and do all 32 teams. Again. I'll probably do more 32 team themed things in the future as well. 

The common thread here seems to be monocles and hats. What, if you don't mind giving away the secrets, are the finer points of Britishizing a NFL logo?

Americans all think British people are classy, and it's a fact that nothing says class like monocles, bowler hats, and bushy mustaches. I was just going to have them all saying "Cheerio" and "'ello, Govn'a" but the joke got old too fast.

What are your favorites? I'm partial to the Falcons one, mostly because I am always in favor of logos in which animals are wearing hats for some reason. I was also happy and maybe a little surprised to see that the Browns even had a little icon to call their own. I was expecting just an unbroken square of orange with a monocle on it.

[There are some alternate Britishized Browns logos on the site] In terms of design my favorite is the Giants one, had to make that from scratch and I think it looks alright. Outside that, I'm partial to the Chargers lightbulb and the titans one. Frigid Tosspots is my favorite name, though.

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