30 Sports Terms That Sound Like They Could Have Been Approved for the DSM-V

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The first in an occasional series of lists of things. If you have an idea for a similar (or different) list, or an actual list of things, feel free to email us.

1. Neutral zone infraction

2. Lack of institutional control

3. Flagrant-2

4. Defensive indifference

5. Unconditional waivers

6. Inswinging/outswinging corner

7. Clear path foul

8. Organizational depth

9. Automatic qualifier

10. Warning track

11. Touchline ban

12. Instigator penalty

13. Spread option

14. Eephus pitch

15. Restricted area arc

16. Physically unable to perform

17. Designated for assignment

18. Transfer window

19. Supplemental compensatory selection

20. Slew footing

21. Secondary break

22. (AET)

23. Substitution pattern

24. Shorthanded

25. Guard-forward

26. Delay warning

27. Double switch

28. Stadium of Light

29. Public-private partnership

30. Palpably unfair act

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