11 Classic Passages From a Bleacher Report Founder's Open Email to the Haters (SLIDESHOW)

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Earlier today, an open email written from Bleacher Report co-founder Bryan Goldberg to Sports On Earth's Will Leitch made its ugh-ish way around Twitter. Faces were palmed and spleens were vented and then we all got back to work. As with many things Bleacher Report-related, Goldberg's defense of the site against "haters" was both deeply, artlessly and cynically wrong and pretty well unassailable in its satisfied, Scientological closed-circuit reasoning. It's nihilistic and value-deficient and self-justifying, but it has worked and is working, for Goldberg and the company he founded. (He has since left.)

There are a great many silly things, and a few actually objectionable things, about Bleacher Report, and Goldberg makes predictable, moderately to extremely huffy defenses of all those. But there is also and always this: despite the fact that the site is fundamentally indefensible in a bunch of ways, it has indeed cracked a certain kind of code. In tribute to Goldberg's letter, we have taken some of our favorite quotes from Goldberg's letter and paired them with images that seemed appropriate. Click on the image to see the quote, or just let the [SLIDESHOW] wash over you, and feel what you need to feel, and deal with it as well as you can.

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1) Two Mets pictures in this slideshow about a slideshow implicitly indicate what we all know: even more than Social Security, Bleacher Report is a Ponzi scheme.

2) The fact that he kept capitalizing "Editorial" suggested little else than that he could use an editor.