Topic: Wrestling

April 18, 2012

Science has discovered a Vincent Van Gogh painting beneath a Vincent Van Gogh painting that nobody was even sure was  a Vincent Van Gogh painting. And guess what? It has wrestlers!

April 18, 2012

The WWE owed its crazy late-90s popularity boom to a simple idea: The whole concept of good guys and bad guys was obsolete, and crowds wanted to cheer assholes. After that cultural wave inevitably ended, the WWE tried to go family-friendly. But now, fans are cheering heels and booing the good guys, and the company is trying to play both sides of the fence. 

March 21, 2012

Wrestlemania is supposed to be overstuffed, over-the-top, and even at times ridiculous. But with The Rock taking a break from show business to wrestle again, and CM Punk's countercultural roots front and center in his match with Chris Jericho, this year's Wrestlemania will up the ante in strange, unexpected ways. 

February 15, 2012

Once a month, Ring of Honor rolls up on the Burns Arena and tapes all of that month’s TV shows in one night—four kinda-grueling hours of wrestling, with extended breaks for the TV crew to keep everything rolling. When you show up to these tapings, you’re essentially watching the future. Wrestlers will storm to the ring to rant about what such-and-such did to them last week, when it really just happened 20 minutes before. It’s weird.

February 1, 2012

Reliably ridiculous and reliably great, the Royal Rumble is empty calories even by the WWE's usual standards. But just because nachos aren't prime rib doesn't mean they aren't also delicious. This year's model was no exception, in terms of ridiculousness and goofy greatness.

January 18, 2012

Professional wrestling doesn’t have many actual physical landmarks, unless you count the wrestlers themselves. But it had the ECW Arena, a dingy building in a scuzzy South Philly neighborhood—at least until last Saturday.

January 13, 2012

Just what is Billy Corgan doing starting his own independent wrestling federation? As hard as it might be to imagine, one of rock's most reliably grandiose figures may just be being his dorky self.

January 4, 2012

From its start, Ring of Honor was one of the universe's most appealingly outsized and entertaining indie wrestling federations. That makes it all the more disappointing to see standard-issue MMA moves and attitude overtaking the fun stuff.

December 20, 2011

The WWE's early-'00s hardcore moment was riotously fun while simultaneously being sickening. The matches themselves are deeply satisfying as spectacle; they move fast, tell big stories, and give Jim Ross chances to air out his most gleefully horrified commentary: "Broken bodies everywhere, King!" But they also function as pro wrestling's Faces of Death. Even as I enjoy the living hell out of the carnage, a voice in my soul keeps asking if this is the chairshot that sent Matt Hardy into a permanent painkiller-induced K-hole. Is there a include such insane action without permanently damaging the talent?

December 7, 2011

For most of the past decade, Daniel Bryan was, by general nerd consensus, the single best independent wrestler in America. But the WWE has built itself on chiseled, charismatic figures, and Danielson isn't that. Given WWE's lack of tolerance toward wrestler weed-smoking and Danielson's ridiculous physical abilities, I have to assume that he's not actually high all the time, or ever. But he sure does seem like it. He's a vegan because he's got some weird health issues. He sings backup on a song from the new Kimya Dawson album. He's a strange guy.