Topic: Psychology

March 16, 2012

At at crucial juncture in his career, the Orlando Magic center failed miserably at using his leverage with the team. The question is, was he overcome with feeling, just too damn excitable, or an unprofessional goof forced to try and clean up after himself at every turn—and usually only making things worse?

December 20, 2011

Take two athletes. Good ones, real specimens. Been told their whole lives how awesome they are, how capable. Now pit them against one another. But let’s say one can reach into that soft place where the other keeps all the happy horseshit people fed him over the years, his mojo, his metaphorical heart. That one can rip that out and squoosh it. Why, then the aggressor can do pretty much whatever he wants. For such a powerful force in sport, it’s downright bizarre we don’t have a word for what’s happening there.