Topic: Nike

June 30, 2014

Over twenty years, Nike's soccer ads have traced a change in what global athletic celebrity means. Virtues like teamwork and unity are praised, but the praise is drowned out by the positioning of athletes as disposable corporate deities.

August 10, 2012

Team uniforms are compulsory attire, so for those who choose to eschew piercings, outré haircuts and the increasingly prevalent vogue for tattoos, an athlete’s choice of footwear is the only opportunity to display some individuality. So, how have Nike persuaded them all to wear the same ones?

May 1, 2012

It's May Day everywhere, which means that the weather's fairly nice, and that some people are in the streets making themselves heard, while others are running around and breaking things. In Seattle, this proved to be bad news for Niketown.

January 23, 2012

Even the rattiest of kids can't duct-tape or shoo-goo a pair of Vans beyond matter of months. Skate culture (and shoes) have a huge overlap with the world of streetwear. Thus the skate shoe market spins in a rare confluence of fashion and function that we might call a no-brainer. Or goldmine. Or what Mark G. Parker, Nike's chief executive and president, did in fact call a “unique consumer segment … underserved in terms of product innovation.” Seven months ago, action sports represented $390 million of Nike's business, up 120 percent since 2007, the fastest-growing category within the brand. The company aims to double this figure by 2015.