Topic: Manchester United

May 9, 2013

The greatest possible tribute to what Sir Alex Ferguson did during his 26 years with Manchester United is how hard it is to imagine the team, or the game, without him. Even when he retires, though, Ferguson won't quite be gone.

March 6, 2013

A bad call at a worse time will presumably prevent England from winning the Champions League trophy. It's not the first time a ref has made a mistake that cost a team a chance at glory, but it happens more in soccer than it feels like it should. Or at least that's what the death threats that the refs get would make you think.  

June 22, 2012

Sports mean different things to different people, and for Mark Barry, they perhaps used to mean too much. Now an expatriate living in the States, he's found a home for all the things sports mean to him, with his raucous group of friends at Legends 33.