Topic: labor

March 27, 2014

In which a lawyer and a... non-lawyer figure out what an NLRB ruling means for the future of the NCAA, and the whole weird feudal endeavor that is college sports.

December 25, 2013

Veteran big man Jason Collins has come out as the NBA's first openly gay player, which is good for him and the game and those of us who care about it. He did it with all the invisible but palpable grace and modesty that has helped keep him in the league all these years.

November 5, 2012

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, currently overseeing the third prolonged labor dispute in less than 20 years, makes for an easy villain. But the awful paradoxes with which he has presented fans—a league that hurts its fans to grow its fan-base and foregoes games to increase revenue—have had an unusual effect: they've reminded fans, in the game's absence, of how much hockey is really worth.

October 2, 2012

In 1999, Major League Baseball and its umpires came to the brink of labor armageddon, with the vast majority of the game's veteran umpires threatening to retire en masse as the season came down the stretch. A decade and change later, it's all a distant memory—and both sides seem, belatedly and improbably, to have gotten what they wanted.

September 25, 2012

The NFL's hilariously (or depressingly) overmatched scab refs have, after three weeks, belatedly handed a game from one team to another. This is worth shouting about, but the problem at the eye of the shitstorm—and the reason we keep having this conversation—hasn't changed, and isn't changing.

September 24, 2012

With the NHL locked out for, let's say, forever, the league's foremost leaders of men will have to find new ways to pass their time. These are probably not those, but considering this question may be the last hockey any of us get for some time.

September 19, 2012

The poor performance of replacement officials represents a major credibility issue for the NFL, as well as an example of the league's worst tendencies. But for an organization with major safety issues, focusing on the officiating crisis could create a lasting and catastrophic shift in priorities.

August 31, 2012

"But digging deeper, I think that we’re uncomfortable rooting for losers so we actively seek to trick our minds so as to enable us to see hope where there really is none."

June 6, 2012

The NFL seems determined to start and win another labor-related staring contest, this time with the NFL Referees Association. The rich tough guys may win this negotiation, but that doesn't mean any of it makes sense.

April 6, 2012

Howard has pulled yet another surprise, as the world learned that the All-Star center wanted his coach gone. More than ever, one has to ask, does Howard know what he's doing? And if he does, is he reading from the same playbook as his peers?