Topic: Ghosts

February 8, 2013

For a couple of movies about the rejects from District 5, the Mighty Ducks trilogy has remarkable resonance with an entire generation of sports fans. Other than the proper Knuckle-puck technique and the intricacies of the triple-deke,  if we learned anything from them, it's to never stop asking "What if"? 

June 4, 2012

When Jason Isringhausen turned 27, his narrative changed. Unlike Hendrix or Cobain, his story changed for the better. His first public narrative, Here Comes a Fireballing Youngster Upon Which We Can Rebuild Our Franchise, had given way to a central role as a luckless brittle disappointment in the second narrative, Here We Go Again With The Fucking Mets. But at 27 Isringhausen landed with a new team and found a new role.

February 28, 2012

There’s a lot of gray area between success and failure, between winning it all and plain not winning. Skip Prosser was well on his way to establishing a winning tradition at Wake Forest. He wanted to win, Wake wanted to win, and they both knew they needed him to do it. But even when the right school hires their right coach, it’s not a guarantee of success.