Topic: Gender

May 6, 2014

In which Hunter Pence quietly owns an overstated television host, gender roles are wince-inducingly reinforced, baseball players are again revealed as fairly basic dudes, and this misbegotten MLB/MTV2 collaboration persists in being on television.

December 17, 2013

The trials and tribulations of the girl who would be quarterback, and who is also Helen Hunt, in a well-meaning and very Reagan-era film that's actually better than it sounds. Somewhat.

August 17, 2012

Todd Bertuzzi is famous for harming people as a hockey player. But credit where it's due: one of the NHL's baddest did come up with a very good way to nearly kill a (female) 11-year-old goalie back when he was just a minor league star/budding sociopath.

April 3, 2012

Baylor's Brittney Griner can dunk, and not as a novelty act. But her effect on the women's game is more far-reaching, and profound, than that single highlight can convey. Why Griner is dominating the college game like no one before or since. 

February 8, 2012

Baseball Boyfriend re-imagines romance, one hot streak at a time. 

January 24, 2012

With Gina Carano departed for Hollywood, and Cristiane Santos tainted by steroids, women's MMA is pretty threadbare right now. But there is Strikeforce women’s 135 lb. champion Miesha Tate. There is 2008 Olympic judo bronze medalist turned arm-breaking savant Ronda Rousey. There is the scheduled March 3 title fight between them. Whoever wins will be the sport’s most visible face.