Topic: DVDs

May 21, 2014

Marc Maron, the defensive artist formerly known as Metta World Peace, and a bunch of mostly douchey-seeming dudes made a movie called All Wifed Out. There are no wives in it. It's complicated, and it's not.

February 10, 2012

A gently-used set of DVDs of a forgotten HBO show about football, with Delta Burke and O.J. Simpson in it, for free. Too good to be true? Yes, obviously. But, astonishingly, true nonetheless. This is your chance to win Joe MacLeod's 1st and Ten DVDs. All of them. You have to take all of them.

January 2, 2012

There is a place where the University of Kentucky's basketball team still rocks the cat-scratch uniforms, high-top fades never went out of style, and Pete Maravich scores 50 in total silence. Thanks to the booming, but still strangely secretive, internet trade in vintage sporting events, that place is your DVD player.