Topic: Duke Blue Devils

April 15, 2014

Because they're so oversold, and so often so successful, everyone feels a little too much love or a little too much hate for Duke basketball. This makes it difficult to remember what suddenly appears clearer after March Madness subsides: that the Blue Devils, before they're a brand or a metaphor or anything else, are just a college basketball team.

November 19, 2013

Jabari Parker is not just one of the most exciting college hoops prospects in a long time, although there's that, too. But while it's a lot to ask anyone his age to carry the burden of dreams and expectations and perceptions that Parker is bearing, perhaps the most exciting thing about him is how ready he seems to carry that weight.

January 4, 2013

Shane Battier has made a lot of money, won a lot of games, and annoyed a goodly number of his peers and NBA fans by playing basketball his way. He has never seemed to care about that. What makes Battier unique among his peers is that he has always seemed uncommonly capable of separating the grind of his profession from everything else, and singularly aware of how vast "everything else" actually is.

February 8, 2012

Dinner—lobster tail, naturally—was served via buffet, and then we sat. As I approached my assigned table, I realized we were sitting with the Krzyzewski family. Everyone, including Coach K, briefly acknowledged me and tried to make small talk. I was hopeless. I couldn’t even state my major clearly. I ended up sitting through a mostly silent meal with the Krzyzewski family. I tried to interact with his in-laws a few times, but they had trouble hearing me because of the acoustics.