Topic: DeMarcus Cousins

November 8, 2012

Given that we already know who Demarcus Cousins is—an enigmatic but increasingly undeniable force, and someone who could well be the NBA's best big man in a year or two—it's amazing how much of a mystery he remains. Until, that is, you remember that he's still just 22 years old.

May 4, 2012

Nobody knows what the MVP means, unless LeBron James wins it again. If that happens, it's time for an insurrection. It's time to kick in the gates of perception. It's DeMarcus Cousins time. 

February 17, 2012

Few teams are as generally invisible as the Sacramento Kings. Yet because of their publicity-hungry owners and Seattle's sudden need to bring the NBA to its hypothetical new arena, the Kings in the abstract are on the tip of everyone's tongue. That's too bad for Sacramento, whose fans actually know how to sweat the details.