Topic: Corporate Sponsors

August 27, 2013

A day at the Little League World Series, complete with kids playing baseball and engaging in ad hoc sledding, happy parents a long way from home, a man in a french fry costume being photographed by a Honda employee, and a great many sponsors surrounding a perfect kid-sized baseball diamond.

October 22, 2012

Never mind the practical consideration of trying to sleep while DeMarcus Cousins yells for the ball: all those easy jokes about the Sacramento Kings' newly re-named Sleep Train Arena are missing a much more intriguing angle. However odd the name might sound, this is a rare instance in which a pro team's sold naming rights could possibly provide some benefit for the community.

July 31, 2012

Our second dispatch from London sees the Lord Mayor comparing athletes to glistening otters, the abuse of corporate perquisites, and universal truth about bums (butts, not homeless people).