Topic: Clippers

May 30, 2013

NBA Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor is auctioning off a bunch of stuff. Some of it is the sort of random autographed-sneaker crap that accrues over a life in basketball. Some of it, like his NBA All-Star Game MVP trophy, is kind of sad to see. And then there's his record collection.

March 1, 2012

In a perfect world, "Clipper" Darrell Bailey would be able to fire Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. In this one, it's the other way around.

February 27, 2012

A fleeting exchange during the All-Star Game offered some stunning insight into the inner workings of the league's hottest alley-oop connection. Also, Kevin Durant was there, being smart. 

February 10, 2012

J. R. Smith is this close to being done in China, which means the NBA's great sower of chaos will soon be back in America. More importantly, he's a free agent, available to the highest bidder—or, if he so chooses, to follow a less conventional career path. 

February 6, 2012

Even in his Jersey heyday, Kenyon Martin was never the biggest or brightest or most galvanizing of stars. But when he returns from China, Martin will rejoin an NBA that, improbably, feels something like Kenyon Martin's league.

February 1, 2012

With the addition of Chris Paul, the Clippers are the hottest thing going in the NBA. But can a franchise really shed its past that easily, or do vestiges still remain?

January 9, 2012

Chauncey Billups didn't want to go to Los Angeles. But as he enters the twilight of a fascinating career, there really is no better place for Billups to be than the world capital of sunswept apocalypse.

December 16, 2011

Los Angeles is a major city, full of people, wealth, enjoyment, and possibility. In theory, the Chris Paul deal created another large market powerhouse. Except, despite having landed the NBA's point guard supreme, and harboring the league's most scintillating dunk machine, the Clippers are still the Clippers.

December 9, 2011

For the good of the league, we're now talking about who "deserves" Chris Paul. Welcome to the new race to the bottom.