Topic: Cleveland Indians

January 11, 2013

In the final installment of #KennyLoftonWeek, Eric Nusbaum discusses Kenny's career as a Cleveland Indian. Both the Cleveland Indian he was, and the Cleveland Indian he could have been. 

January 8, 2013

For the second installment in our weeklong celebration of all things Kenny Lofton, Chris Collision recalls the tall tales told by his old professor about the venerable outfielder, which raised more questions than they answered. Was this professor a millionaire? A swinger? A genius? Whatever the case, this man knew a great ballplayer when he saw one.

January 7, 2013

For the first part of our weeklong celebration of all things Kenny Lofton , we present an excerpt on the illustrious outfielder from the Cleveland Indians (and many, many, many other teams) from the excellent e-book The Hall of Nearly Great. 

June 20, 2012

Johnny Damon has had a pretty great run as a big leaguer, but the erstwhile idiot seems to be near the end of his big league road as he struggles upwards towards the Mendoza Line in Cleveland. Which leaves him... where, exactly?

June 14, 2012

Cleveland, like every other city, has a series of stories that it likes to tell about itself when it comes to sports, and everything else. Harvey Pekar's Cleveland, the posthumous comic novel by the city's sainted sourpuss bard, tells a story that both explodes and enhances the familiar Cleveland mythos.

April 18, 2012

The first in an occasional series of cocktails inspired by sports-related things touches upon the mixed-up/fully swizzled case of the pitcher once known as Fausto Carmona, but adds scotch.