Topic: California

February 7, 2014

Earlier this year, on the “Today” show, Bob Costas opined that Slopestyle, the Winter Olympic’s newest event, was “just Jackass stuff they invented and called Olympic sports. This was interesting, insofar as Bobby C is the host of NBC’s Olympic broadcast, and it will thus fall on him to explain the ins and outs of Slopestyle to the great unwashed. And so, as a public service, the first edition of the Bob Costas Slopestyle Media Style Guide was born.

April 15, 2013

Jeremy Lin has proven that he belongs in the NBA. But what does the greatest Asian-American basketball player of all time mean to Asian-American basketball players, and Asian-American hoops culture?

October 22, 2012

Never mind the practical consideration of trying to sleep while DeMarcus Cousins yells for the ball: all those easy jokes about the Sacramento Kings' newly re-named Sleep Train Arena are missing a much more intriguing angle. However odd the name might sound, this is a rare instance in which a pro team's sold naming rights could possibly provide some benefit for the community.

February 5, 2012

In which we recommend a short film about life, death, smoking weed, and senior-citizen synchronized swimming. Though the subject matter and the setting could easily lend themselves to an ironic schmaltz, Aquadettes contains no corn.