Topic: Bobby Valentine

August 22, 2012

From the clammy doldrums of baseball's dog days, two heroes rise to free-associate, analyze Rick Sutcliffe's understanding of immigration law and herald the arrival of Jeremy Guthrie Whatever.0. What, it's August.

July 20, 2012

The night that Bobby Valentine donned the worst disguise in baseball history wasn't exactly the most important moment in the New York Mets' odd and almost-wonderful 1999 season. But, as this excerpt from Matthew Callan's e-book Yells For Ourselves proves, Valentine's eye-black-aided transformation into "The Lurker" had a goofy significance of its own.

December 12, 2011

Baseball fans are all feeling a little let down right now. But there's no sense in (ballroom) dancing around the thing that's on all of our minds.