Topic: Baseball

October 10, 2013

The Pittsburgh Pirates season had to end eventually, and it ended on Wednesday night with the team helpless before Adam Wainright in St. Louis. At least it ends in, and with, some real hope. That's not a small thing after twenty years of nothing but hope.

October 3, 2013

A look at the disco-soundtracked, Al Michaels-narrated, endearingly batshit highlight video of the not-very-good 1980 San Francisco Giants. Part of an occasional series, hopefully.

October 2, 2013

The Pittsburgh Pirates won a game in the playoffs for the first time since 1992. It all felt a lot more natural than it should've. Let's try to be cool about this, somehow.

October 1, 2013

... it's a nice idea, and easy to get excited about with baseball's playoffs coming up, but that's about it. And yes, we have charts.

September 26, 2013

Mariano Rivera is at the end of a long and consistently dazzling career. We won't be able to remember as much of it as we might want to, but that's the way baseball -- and everything else -- works.

September 25, 2013

On an otherwise unremarkable late-season night, with two teams in very different circumstances playing each other, history might have been made. A baseball game happened instead.

September 24, 2013

The Pittsburgh Pirates will be in the playoffs. Everyone is welcome back into the cathedral, the exorcism is over.

September 20, 2013

And it's exactly as loud and tacky and complicated as it sounds. 

September 17, 2013

An excerpt from Matthew Callan's new novel "Hang A Crooked Number," which is surely the best book about baseball and a secretive spy organization knwn as the Moe Berg Society that a Classical contributor has written so far this year.

September 13, 2013

For Mets fans, and a great many others, baseball is a waiting game at this point of the season. Not just for next season, but for an opportunity to feel That Baseball Feeling again.