Topic: Baseball Cards

March 27, 2014


Just in time for the start of the baseball season, a mini-series of baseball cards that have been spoonerized for your protection. You will not find an original Fuck Chinley in better condition.

September 20, 2013


As stupid late-night Twitter games go, Spoonerizing baseball player names -- Bob Welch --> Wob Belch, and that sort of thing -- is pretty good. Now, finally, finally, a spoonerism-crazed nation has the caseball bards it craves.

April 3, 2013

Topps chose "Chasing History" as its dominant factoid-theme for this year's baseball card set. It's a nice idea, if not terribly well executed, but also a worthwhile reminder of both how outsized baseball's bizarre past is and the importance of context.

August 17, 2012


Josh Willingham has had an excellent season in Minnesota. However he hits, though, Willingham boasts one of baseball's foremost meat-compound surname. Here, for your consideration, are several of his meat-compound forebears, from Rick Eagerbeef to Al Turkee-Upforit.

August 14, 2012

Rick Rhoden had a solid career as a pitcher (and an exceptionally good hitter, as pitchers go) in the Major Leagues. But there was something else, something harder to describe, that places him among Bruce Jenner and Jan-Michael Vincent in the ranks of the world's finest athletes.

May 3, 2012

With all due respect to Topps and them, Amelie Mancini makes the world's most interesting baseball cards. The French-born artist's hand-printed cards—dedicated to baseball's victims of weird injuries and ill-advised facial hair—are unlike any other. On the occasion of the debut of her new set, "Marvelous Mustaches," we talked baseball, and baseball cards.

April 30, 2012

Interest in baseball cards has been considered for some time to be waning. Every so often there is an article or a blog post or a book or a TV special that wonders whatever happened to baseball cards. It’s fucking obvious what happened.