Topic: Andy Murray

July 8, 2013

Andy Murray is, after a long and difficult rise, a Wimbledon champion. We can only guess at what it was he figured out that allowed him to get there. That's a champion's prerogative, and seems especially right in this case.

January 28, 2013

There was once a story tennis fans told themselves about Andy Murray, and he wasn't the hero of it. After a script-flipping 2012 and an impressive run to the finals of the Australian Open, it's clear that Murray is both ready to change that storyline and seize authorship of what could be very good career.

August 30, 2012

As the tennis world descends upon Flushing, the greatest player of all time is one of the tournament's biggest draws. How long one is willing to wait for him -- and how much else they are willing to miss -- is entirely up to them.  

July 9, 2012

With Roger Federer's victory on Center Court yesterday, the greatest player in the history of tennis has arrived at the top of the mountain. Again.