Topic: Advanced Stats

January 17, 2013

Advanced NFL Stats' Win Probability is football's killer stat of the moment, for good reason. But while there's no reason to watch a graph instead of a game, there's an eloquence to Win Probability Graphs, especially during the game's most improbable moments.

November 1, 2012

ESPN's QBR may or may not take off as the next great advanced football metric. But the stat-heads who helped design the proprietary stat were very willing to explain its most controversial aspect, the much-debated (and confusingly named) "Clutch Index."

October 22, 2012

When it was launched late in 2011, ESPN's proprietary QBR passer rating was heralded as the rating that quantified the most complicated position in sports. Nothing could quite be or do that, but QBR has done a pretty solid job. So why has it more or less disappeared from ESPN and from the NFL discourse?