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  • Reggie White only got one chance to make an uplifting, evangelical-flavored film about believing in yourself (and God). Thankfully, it features Pat Morita, Brett Favre, MC Hammer and wrestling's The Big Show. Surprisingly, it's kind of... good?

  • It may be some time before the Buffalo Bills play in another Super Bowl. Luckily, there's Second String, the movie in which a tiny Canadian quarterback with a big heart leads the Bills to an unexpected win. Also, Jon Voight wears a hat and looks angry.

  • Sportsflicks is an occasional series that examines justly or unjustly forgotten sports movies. What better place to start than a William Peter Blatty-penned film featuring Arab stereotypes, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and Shirley MacLaine?

  • Part seven of our occasional series revisiting the peculiarly joke-like antics of Bob Hope and that year's All-American college football team. This installment finds Hope doing shtick with John Elway, making jokes about Bruce Matthews' butt, and comparing Eric Dickerson to Reagan budget chief David Stockman. So kind of the usual.

  • November 21, 2012
    A Very Zendejas Thanksgiving The Clog

    This Thanksgiving, remember America's foremost placekicking family with a series of videos paying homage to Luis Zendejas, radical abstract minimalism, and (spoiler alert) Paul Rodriguez.

  • In the sixth installment of our ongoing series on Bob Hope's college football "zingers", we enter The Hope Dojo in the year 1983. It's a stacked year  that includes future Hall of Famers Reggie White and Steve Young, transcendent athletes like Bo Jackson and a teaser for next week's A VERY ZENDEJAS THANKSGIVING (we're not kidding about that). 

  • In the fifth installment of our ongoing series on Bob Hope's endearingly baffling college football zingers, we intersect the time-space-Hope continuum in the year 1989, with Nick Fury impostor Andre Ware, speed demon Rocket Ismail and apparent anti-abortion activist Tripp Welborne.

  • In the fourth installment of our ongoing series on Bob Hope's gently baffling and profoundly cornball college football zingers, we rejoin our hero in the year 1984, when George Orwell's dystopian vision of a Brigham Young national championship was realized, and Bob met future star Billy Sims, future pro wrestling bad-ass Ron Simmons, and Steve McMichael, who was sort of both.

  • In the third installment of our ongoing series on Bob Hope's soft n' baffling college football zingers, we find our hero doing shtick with Mark Bavaro, ribbing a hulking and extremely country Bruce Smith, and looking small next to the giant, puffy steroid specimen who would later become "The Patriot" in the WWF.

  • In part two of our series on Bob Hope's soft n' baffling college football zingers, we find the comedy legend collaborating with Brian Bozworth, Jerome Brown, a bunch of beefy white guys with Lego-man hair, and the rest of the 1986 College Footbal All-American team.