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  • The debate about who or what is an MVP isn't so much a debate about sports, as a debate about debating about debates. 

  • With the Jon "Bones" Jones fight only a week away, and an Anderson Silva-Stephan Bonnar fight coming up at UFC 153, MMA fans can anticipate a lot of ... something. Tim Marchman and Tomas Rios are sure of that, and also, what Dana White looks like teaching Boxercize classes. 

  • The most amazing thing about Montaous Walton, a fake ballplayer recently arrested for theft by fraud, may be that he isn't quite in on his own con.

  • June 6, 2012
    In Search of Hockey

    A non-fan makes a pilgrimage to a local sports bar, in search of beer and the secret to what he has always missed about hockey. The beer helps, somewhat.

  • From its goofball beginning to its glorious/brutal/gloriously brutal end, UFC 145 embodied more or less everything good, bad, hilarious and amazing about MMA circa now. Our resident experts have it out about the relative merits of Jon Jones, former NFL practice squad dudes, and wine in a box.