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  • UFC 156 was one of the best cards the company has ever put on. Tim-Tom have the event's good, bad and -- because someone let an angry person use a webcam -- the ugliness of a YouTube diss video, plus much much more in this edition of Yakkin' About Mixed Martial Arts. 

  • November 17, 2012
    St-Pierre The Provocateur

    Georges St-Pierre has to fight Carlos Condit on Saturday night, even though the fight itself doesn't quite matter. But in fighting his way back from injury, and fighting his way to the match-up against Anderson Silva that everyone wants, St-Pierre is running up against the stubborn fact at the core of his career. That's this: the more the world’s greatest welterweight wins, the more he pisses people off.

  • November 16, 2012
    Cabrera, Posey win MVP awards The Clog

    A disappointing vote for some, but one that has historical precedent. 

  • A close, but ultimately expected result with regards to both awards.

  • Slightly more surprising than yesterday's, but nothing particularly shocking. 

  • No surprises here. None. 

  • University of Michigan professor Andrei Markovits is a world class sports bullshitter. Which is to say, he's an expert on the sports discourse. Along with former student Emily Albertson, he's explored the whys and hows of the way we talk about them, and what makes women take longer to learn the language. 

  • October 17, 2012
    Not Exactly Cooperstown

    In São Paulo’s Museu do Futebol, is a small, coffin-like room, on one wall of which grainy footage of the final game of the 1950 World Cup is played while an amplified heartbeat pounds. If there is an American approximation of this place, it’s the Baseball Reliquary, which doesn’t physically exist as much more than a peripatetic series of displays in SoCal libraries and occasional gatherings of fans to celebrate everything that makes baseball worth celebrating: Communist agitators, showmen, Jim Bouton teaching the knuckleball to fans, bubblegum cards and above all what it feels like to pick up a ball and throw it.

  • What if we told you that former WWE champion Dave Bautista had a possibly rigged fight against a Maytag repairman this weekend and that didn’t even register on the scale of absurdity next to what Tim and Tomas have on their minds? Come, denizens of Yak country, and hear tales of Dana White, Jeremy Stephens and the logistics of transporting possible felons across state lines. 

  • UFC 152 is in the books; but what do Hall & Oates and Super Soldier Serum have to do with the NFL replacement referee of fighting promotions?