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  • January 28, 2013
    Andy Murray, In Progress

    There was once a story tennis fans told themselves about Andy Murray, and he wasn't the hero of it. After a script-flipping 2012 and an impressive run to the finals of the Australian Open, it's clear that Murray is both ready to change that storyline and seize authorship of what could be very good career.

  • September 7, 2012
    Berd(ych) is the Word The Clog

    Although he lost to someone not named Nadal or Djokovic, and just because he couldn't get it done under the lights for the first time ever in Flushing, now is not to the time to call for the demise of Roger Federer, but rather the arrival of Tomas Berdych.

  • August 30, 2012
    Waiting For Federer

    As the tennis world descends upon Flushing, the greatest player of all time is one of the tournament's biggest draws. How long one is willing to wait for him -- and how much else they are willing to miss -- is entirely up to them.  

  • Sports mean different things to different people, and for Mark Barry, they perhaps used to mean too much. Now an expatriate living in the States, he's found a home for all the things sports mean to him, with his raucous group of friends at Legends 33.  

  • Dean Smith and Jack Keane wanted to host club soccer fans at bars in New York City. By bringing together fans of different loyalties and backgrounds, they got closer to recreating the communal atmosphere of real stadiums than English pubs ever have.

  • Soccer is arguably the truest of team sports. But it is oddly at its most exhilarating when a sudden burst of individual virtuosity makes it something else. From Maradona to Messi to Neymar, the solo goal is soccer's most beautiful outlier.

  • December 19, 2011
    The Gelding

    It was half past nine on Monday of the Thanksgiving week and Frazil had just finished galloping a mile and a half, something that he had done almost every day of the last year, on the tracks at the 430-acre complex at Belmont Park. The park is like a world unto itself. Birds of different colors and varieties, ranging from the Red-bellied Woodpecker to the Yellow-rumped Warbler swoop over even as grooms and jockeys go about their daily routines.