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  • HBO's Ballers is a sportsified Entourage with The Rock as a more handsome version of Vinnie Chase, if Adrian Grenier were played by an actor with actual presence. And it definitely could be worse. 

  • With a few caveats -- Blake Griffin calling Donald Sterling a "weird uncle", for one -- Derek Jeter's Players' Tribune has largely been a half-hearted regurgitation of the same soundbites we can get after any game, stamped with a bit of "no filter" branding. So why not make a fantasy league out it?

  • Every four years, fans and the World Cup have a passionate and all-consuming love affair. But when it's over, it's over.

  • January 8, 2014
    Revolutionary Golf

    China is trying to build a golf program that can win the country Olympic gold. It's worked for China in diving and gymnastics, but this time—and this sport—just seem like a different story.

  • NMA's relentlessly weird and stupendously timely animations give an extra two dimensions to Twitter's non-stop goof session on sports. It can be funny, but it's not necessarily pretty.

  • We watch NBA basketball for the players, because the players are where the fun is. But in some rare cases, coaches are able to meld with their players in a way that enriches both. In Tom Thibodeau's case, it has created a team that functions as an extension of his manic, strange, and kind of awesome combination of will and anxiety.