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  • The NBA preseason is mostly meaningless, and not even all that much like actual NBA basketball. But if you love the latter, there's still something there to find in the former.

  • LeBron James has been many different players throughout his career. The player he's been in these NBA Finals resembles none of those. But as he plays the most superhuman basketball of his career, he's been more human and more paradoxically playful than ever.

  • April 8, 2014
    The Start of Something

    On attending a Minnesota Timberwolves game with a two-year-old, and other new and promising experiences.

  • Basketball just looks a lot easier when Paul George plays it than it usually does. That hasn't stopped him from working hard at it, which is just another reason why George is one of the NBA's truest must-watch stars.

  • January 22, 2014
    The Elements of Style

    More efficient basketball is a worthy goal and all, but sometimes a certain slackness will prevail in shot or word selection, whether by design or will. The manifest goal of a game is to win; a team’s clearest goal in a season is a title. Writing’s most explicit goal is communication with clarity, yet there’s a reason we don’t only read manuals and airplane evacuation cards, and there’s a reason we don’t only follow the frontrunning teams.