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  • Saturday's valedictory match-up between two Bay Area aces at the end of the road was contrived, and not a great game. But even in its diminishment and sloppiness, there was still greatness in it.

  • December 29, 2014
    Z-Bo, Still

    Zach Randolph isn't doing Z-Bo things for the Grizz nearly as often as he used to. It's working really well for all concerned.

  • December 1, 2014
    Jimmy Butler, In Between

    Jimmy Butler is playing like a star, and being used like a Disposable Basketball Unit. How long can this work?

  • October 30, 2014
    Short Season: F7 The Clog

    The last of Robert O'Connell's postseason sketches concerns one of the last and most inevitable outs of the baseball season.

  • In the latest of Robert O'Connell's sketches from baseball's last weeks, we find a weird and suddenly, tenuosly great team getting a great start from a strange place. It's October, you know.

  • The latest of Robert O'Connell's postseason sketches concerns a big swing that wasn't quite big enough, from a player who swings harder than just about any other.

  • The latest installment in Robert O'Connell's October sketchbook concerns John Lackey, October's favorite a-hole.

  • Throughout the postseason, Robert O'Connell will contribute brief sketches of brief moments from the last few games of 2014. Some of these moments will be important, many of them will not be, but only one (probably) will involve a man nicknamed Country Breakfast attempting to steal second base.

  • One year ago, in an otherwise unimportant game, a small drama played out between Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Dempster and baseball's stuffier storytelling instincts. The familiar PED hysteria was there. The difference, this time, was how it made the story so much more interesting.

  • July 28, 2014
    The A's Sell Out

    The Oakland Athletics were baseball's best team through the first half of the season, and recently mortgaged their future to get better. If this seems strange, you've probably read Moneyball. It was a good book, but we'd all do well to forget about it in this case.