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  • Watching Dion Waiters play is not exactly like watching a re-run of "The A-Team." For one thing, there's notably less George Peppard. But in all the ways that watching "The A-Team" is both awesome and excruciating, watching Dion Waiters is actually a lot like watching "The A-Team."

  • As a television program, the NBA Draft has a certain dorky appeal. But as a live event—one worth schlepping to Newark for, and one that gets away with beers approaching the $10 plateau—it's a different story. Still, there's something to be said for the NBA Draft as a live experience, and not just because lucky attendees get to watch a frazzled Jeff Van Gundy eat crappy pizza.

  • In which our heroes do their best to work off the emotional and physical hangover of a whirlwind Cleveland premiere for their Cleveland sports tragicomedy, "Our Greatest Year." Also: making people care, turning strangers into non-strangers, and the quest for oreos.

  • In which our heroes see their Cleveland sports tragicomedy, "Our Greatest Year," through opening night in Cleveland. It's more exciting than "opening night in Cleveland" suggests—thanks in large part to audiences that have learned well to laugh at their own pain.

  • "Our Greatest Year," a play about Cleveland sports and the misery they bring, enjoyed a well-received 2011 debut in New York City. Now, the collaboration between playwright Robert Attenweiler and artist/animator/writer Scott Henkle, is coming home to Cleveland. The first in a series of production diary entries.

  • Sports and theater both deliver the drama, but sports theater is barely a thing. Two playwrights who have worked to unite the two discuss how sports and theater can work when done right—and why these two close relatives belong together.