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  • Aaron Rodgers puts up superhuman stats season after season, and seems magically averse to making mistakes. It's natural to wonder whether there's something supernatural to all this, but his dominance comes from a very human, if freakily refined, place.

  • In the final installment, the three men behind Fire Joe Morgan contemplate their complicated relationship with Derek Jeter, a failed attempt to write a book, and the legacy of one of the most influential sports blogs in history.

  • In the second installment of a three-part conversation, the Fire Joe Morgan brain trust discusses baseball statistical revolution, hearing back from their targets, and the very special mind of John Kruk.

  • Fire Joe Morgan was one of baseball's angriest, best, smartest and best-loved blogs. That was never the idea. In this three-part conversation, its three co-creators discuss how FJM happened, what it was, and why they hate David Eckstein so much.

  • October 1, 2012
    Diverted Streams

    The United States government has made a habit of seizing the domains of websites that point fans to illegal streams of live sports. But the legal basis for doing so, as well as the extent of professional leagues' complicity in these actions, remains in serious doubt.