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  • May 7, 2013

    How did the severely depleted and undermanned Bulls beat the defending NBA champion on the road on Monday night? If there's even a name for it, would you really want to know it?

  • The first in an occasional series of lists of things deals with the apparent but not actual connection between Neutral Zone Infraction and mental health.

  • On a team of high-definition personalities, Luol Deng is a man who works, a masterwork of Socialist Realism. Watch him and you see this acutely: real people doing things at tremendous physical cost, a theater of humble punishment. He's a star, and he's a laborer.

  • On Saturday afternoon, Philip Humber won his 12th game as a Major Leaguer by throwing the 21st perfect game in baseball history. It was strange and beautiful and incredibly, hilariously random—and, actually, very nearly as perfect as "perfect game" suggests.

  • March 15, 2012
    Exile In Dayton

    The basketball that happens in Dayton before the NCAA Tournament officially begins is no longer called the play-in game. But, in a fundamental and ineffable and not at all fun-to-watch way, it is still very much that. And also more than that.

  • This week, non-mega-conferences Conference USA and the Mountain West announced a strategic partnership that they hope will help them survive college sports' zombie-afflicted nuclear afterfuture. Here are some suggestions on surviving that afterfuture.

  • A few thoughts on escapism from Roger Goodell and Philip Roth and Madonna and Roberto Bolano and a dozen or so other great football thinkers.

  • In the first installment of our occasional series on sports archetypes, we offer a look at the peculiar existence of the undersized white wide receiver.