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  • February 22, 2012
    Skate or D.D.R. The Clog

    If I had €5 for every time someone tells me about a documentary about skateboarding in the former East Germany, I'd have enough for a slice of pizza and maybe a 16oz Gatorade, depending on whether I got any toppings.

  • The dogs. The people. The strange interplay between the two that goes on for something like 15 hours each day. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is full of things to talk about. So our two Dog Show correspondents talked about it.

  • February 8, 2012
    Edmonton Eulers The Clog

    1. Hockey 2. Math 3. Jokes. Basically all of our elective preferences were tickled by the Euler/Oiler shirt campaign by DC graphic designer/hockey fan Luke Atkinson. Do your torso a favor and cop one.

  • In which we recommend a short film about life, death, smoking weed, and senior-citizen synchronized swimming. Though the subject matter and the setting could easily lend themselves to an ironic schmaltz, Aquadettes contains no corn.

  • January 31, 2012
    Eli Manning's Burden

    For as long as Elisha Nelson Manning has been a starting quarterback in the NFL, it has been a source of comfort and grace to me that he’s not very good at being a starting quarterback in the NFL. This isn’t because I have any particular beef with Eli Manning as a vessel for football talent or even his general project of looking like a mutant fifteen-year-old. I find his shy-unto-sullen frat-dude thing vaguely endearing, for reasons I don’t understand. When Eli got a ring in 2007, that was mostly hilarious, because I’m not a Patriots fan, and because the Helmet Catch was first-rate sports melodrama.

  • My personal hindsight is only about 20/80, but I have discovered some science facts about Saturday’s Broncos-Pats game, and the phenomenon of televised football as a whole. The spread on this game was too low, for one thing. My big discovery is that the game was terrible. In fact, I saw this coming, along with most of the adult population. Since I didn’t anticipate having much to say about the death of Tebowmania, I decided to undertake some serious sociological research.

  • December 22, 2011
    The Angriest Todd in the World

    Todd Haley has the misfortune of looking like a huge asshole. Fleece vests, intermittent shitty beard, jocko-dickwad sunglasses, things dangling on a lanyard, golf visors (the worst), even right down to being named Todd—a first name that’s been repurposed as a common noun meaning “alpha douche.” I hate dudes like Todd Haley, and that reflects poorly on me.  But Todd Haley also has the misfortune of acting like a huge asshole. While dressed in fleece vest, shitty beard, golf visors, right on down the line, which amplifies everything. His sideline demeanor as a coach was like a composite sketch of the worst possible Little League dad.

  • December 7, 2011
    You Used to Be Big

    No one will give a shit about LeBron James in 100 years. The upside of eternity for LeBron, apart from the trust funds he leaves behind for his great-great-grandchildren, is death. But the same thing is true for Cleveland. Featuring a Q&A with Scott Raab.