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  • September 26, 2012
    The NFL is Too Shitty

    The Classical is a special place for the airing of irregular, unpopular opinions about sports, so I figure this is a fine time and place to promote the following irregular, half-baked, unpopular sports opinion: The NFL is shitty and I should stop watching it.

  • Award-winning international soccer journalist Simon Kuper chats with The Classical about his new book, his sense of the future of soccer, and more.

  • "But digging deeper, I think that we’re uncomfortable rooting for losers so we actively seek to trick our minds so as to enable us to see hope where there really is none."

  • In search of total sports awareness, I watched the same exact episode of SportsCenter over and over. For a while I was convinced that there were infinitesimal differences between the episodes that aired back-to-back through the night. Brett Haber or Larry Biel delivered a joke differently, smirked a millisecond longer, coughed a tiny bit.

  • July 23, 2012
    An Art and a Pastime

    Designer and Cubs fan Brian Lindstrom discusses the art, history, and iconography at play in his "Bases Loaded" series, currently on display at Big Ten conference headquarters in Chicago.

  • Claressa Shields is 17 years old. She's from Flint; she's moved four times in the last year. She's into Twitter, boys, and music. Come September, she'll be back at Northwestern High School in Flint for her senior year. But between now and then, she'll be the youngest woman ever to box in the Olympics. 

  • This morning, when I was inhaling my routine brainful of Internet, something at the Public Domain Review stood out: A naked guy playing tennis, in zoetrope format.

  • "Vince Carter technically can play basketball better than Michael Jordan. He’s a better outside shooter than Michael Jordan, he could pretty much do anything Michael Jordan could do. The difference was Jordan was fucking insane."

  • June 13, 2012
    Sport vs. Sports The Clog

    Mitt Romney says "sport" when most other Americans, even other amazingly stilted Mormon hedge-fund oligarchs, would say "sports." But he's not alone in this problem. We've made a chart to help Mitt and other confused people out.

  • I was actually waiting for an excuse to talk about Chris Perez, although it's not actually clear that I even have here that excuse. So, Chris Perez had a bathroom emergency.