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  • An occasional feature on Google Alert-aided multi-dimensional time traveling, and the exploits of various people named Noah Davis, all of whom are not the Noah Davis who wrote this.

  • Most soccer rankings agree as to which national team is the best in the world. Paul Brown's signature ranking system doesn't. That he has North Korea making a claim to be the world's top team isn't even the strangest thing about his strangely reasonable-seeming rankings.

  • December 12, 2012
    Winning Over The World

    Call it soccer diplomacy if you like, but American coaches have slowly won over the hearts and minds—and won quite a few games, in the case of new Egyptian National Team head coach Bob Bradley—of soccer teams from the Netherlands to Iran.

  • Talking to the libertarian activist who's currently among the NFL's most wanted streamers. "There's no way to take anything down since I'm not saying it myself. I'm still not sure how it's illegal to post a link to a website you don't own that has copyrighted material."

  • The first installment in our NBA preview series on individual players focuses on perhaps the NBA's most individual player, Kobe Bryant, as he starts another season in his life's work: unapologetically working to harness his own world-historic self-obsession.

  • It has become a crucial part of free agent etiquette and basic not-seeming-like-a-jerk PR: players leaving a longtime team take the time and spend the standard rates to take out a newspaper ad thanking the fans they're leaving behind. It's a nice enough idea, but where did it come from?

  • September 10, 2012
    The Tyranny of the Factoid

    There's a difference between information and data, at least as the two make themselves felt in televised sports. The former helps you understand what's happening on the court or field or floor, and why. The latter is a burped-up number or acronym, free of context or anything else. Both are a big part of watching sports on TV. The latter, sadly, seems to be winning.

  • It took 75 years, but the U.S. Men's Soccer team finally won a game in Mexico thanks to a 1-0 win in a skeleton-crew friendly on Wednesday night at Estadio Azteca. The result was about as meaningful as meaningless games get.

  • Clint Dempsey just finished the best season any American soccer player has ever had in Europe. He is about to get very, very rich because of it. But the enigmatic dude from Nacogdoches, Texas remains stubbornly, and more than a little admirably, hard to know.

  • Running streaks—the peculiar habit of running a certain long distance every day, over certain long periods of time—are one of the more beguiling weirdnesses of running culture. And in the world of long-running, long-distance running, no family is quite like the Pearsons.