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  • September 11, 2014
    The Last Ride

    How long is too long to let the Dallas Cowboys mess around with your life? An excerpt from The Classical Magazine Issue 9/Nine/IX, "Losing."

  • Wrestling, like time is a flat circle. A flat, squared circle. It's weird. 

  • Over three decades, Javier Zanetti meant a great deal to Inter fans, and soccer fans in general. What makes him different, and made him great, was how much that actually meant.

  • Even the most loathsome of truly great players can merit a winsome backward glance once their skills atrophy; Roy Halladay, the stand-up dude who issued a public apology to Phillies fans for sucking, is far from loathsome. He is also, it seems, pretty much gone.

  • April 16, 2013

    On not being there, and knowing and not wanting to know, and some other responses evoked by the horror at the Boston Marathon.

  • Kobe Bryant's new Twitter feed reveals some, suggests much, and is generally and totally gripping and weird. So, pretty much perfect for Kobe Bryant, then, and a little masterpiece of opaque virtuosity.

  • National Signing Day has quickly evolved into a sports holiday, covered within an inch of its life by any number of outlets, and always ESPN is leading the way. That many of the kids who seem like stars today will fade away before the end of spring practice seems secondary.  

  • December 14, 2012
    Josh Hamilton, Give And Take

    Josh Hamilton has talked about giving away tens of millions of the $125 million he just received from the Los Angeles Angels in free agency. Could he really do that? And what might it mean if he did?

  • Consider Andrew Bynum, born into a life of relative comfort and coasting since then on his genetic good fortune, standing now as Goliath in the City of David. He is doubly blessed in every sense, but he has to play his home games in Philadelphia. And in that regard, and for those reasons, Andrew Bynum seems somehow doomed.